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Needs Evaluation


Tailored Solution

•Interim or fractional team member

•C-level advisor and team mentor

•Customer experience assessment – includes team and customer interviews, findings & recommendations report


Partner for Long Term

  • Check in Value Assessment

"Companies DO NOT LIKE consultants"


•Find out/confirm the ‘why’ behind purchase decisions and cancellations

•Define/confirm Ideal Customer Profile

•Identify customer value for Return-on-Investment measures

•Assess & improve existing CS team – roles, KPIs, and structure

•Provide insights on customer journey and pain points

•Create or refine existing engagement model process

•Review and recommend on core data and tools

•Reporting and dashboard design for key data points like Churn, NRR and Risk (Hubspot/Salesforce etc)

•Guide and mentor existing team members to step up skills and seniority

Example outcomes

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