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Ellacott Consulting helps small, fast growth businesses to offer the best customer experience possible. This is achieved by building and maintaining a customer success organisation with the best people, processes and results.

Customer success is a role born out of the cloud evolution in the technology industry. It exists to ensure you proactively retain your customers, increase their investment in your business and make them advocates. 

Outcomes of working with Ellacott include:

  • Impressive metrics that boost investor attention - net revenue retention, Net Promoter Scores etc

  • Increased customer engagement enabling focus on what constitutes value

  • Confirmation that your Product Roadmap reflects customer requirements

  • Greater customer advocacy supporting sales and marketing efforts

  • Improved internal alignment to customer success and the agreed goals

  • Creation of customer success team role, structure, processes and compensation plan 

  • Overall business alignment to key metrics and targets 

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