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about michelle Garnham

I have over 20 years experience building and leading customer success organisations in businesses ranging from a global tech giant through to start ups.

You can rest assured I have the skills to help you achieve your goals for a level of customer success to be proud of.

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I have a passion for ensuring a customer is not just satisfied but delighted. When building a team, I demand the highest standards and the key trait I look for is someone who shares my drive for providing excellent customer experience.

I was fortunate enough to be in the customer success field since the earliest iterations of what we now accept as the core standards of the discipline. Many lessons have been learnt over that period, in particular that there is no 'one size fits all' approach and that customer success is constantly evolving.


Ellacott Consulting helps share that knowledge with early stage businesses to help avoid costly mistakes and build a foundation to scale and achieve goals.

For more information please see my profile on LinkedIN here:


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“Michelle is absolutely brilliant at being able to simultaneously improve the quality of customer experience whilst also ensuring that we have increased the revenue coming from those customers.”

Matt Mills, Chief Commercial Officer, Featurespace - 2021

“Michelle combines a rigour and focus on doing the right thing by the customer whilst maintaining what we need as an organisation in terms of outcomes.”


Andy Sadler, Former Chief Revenue Officer, Infinity - 2017

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“She's bright, personable, and an excellent communicator, and I very much enjoyed working with her”

Mark Wachen, Former Founder and CEO, Optimost - 2011

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