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“We engaged Michelle at Ellacott Consulting to help us assess and improve our customer success organisation.

 Michelle conducted surveys with our team and customers resulting in a detailed report with information including NPS scores, advocacy opportunities for our marketing team and advice for future processes and structure to help us scale without negatively impacting our customer’s experience.

I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to businesses wanting to ensure great Customer Success.”

Simon Goodenough

CEO, DSP Explorer

Simon G

“I engaged Ellacott Consulting to help us improve customer satisfaction by creating a more structured, proactive approach to engaging clients. Throughout the engagement, Michelle’s passion and drive for customer success was evident. She brought the customer facing teams to a common ground on a strategy for improving customer satisfaction and worked with them to develop a framework of processes, tools and templates for everyone to work together.

As CEO, it was great to be able to entrust such an important initiative as improving customer engagement to somebody as passionate and experienced as Michelle.

Ian Churchhill


Velocity Group

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"I’ve ….experienced first-hand the positive impact she has on business results and company culture. She has implemented customer success best practices and structure that has allowed the customer success team to develop and flourish" 

Peter Boozan

Manager, Commercial

Cognitive Credit


“Michelle has provided me with invaluable experience …... From Customer Success fundamentals to guidance on specific customer scenarios, Michelle's wealth of knowledge and experience shines through, and her thoughtful and considered responses regularly help me to consider challenging situations in a fresh way.
Michelle also takes a very human approach - to coaching and to Customer Success - which makes her not only an intuitive and insightful Success professional, but also delight to work with on a personal level.

Lauren Nevat

Lead Value Engineer


“I would absolutely recommend Ellacott Consulting and Michelle to anyone looking to build their strategy, to grow their customer success department, to gain insight into industry trends and to take the business to the next level"

Jenna Chau

Head of Customer Success


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