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About the Founder
Michelle Garnham

•Customer Success Expert

•20+ years global experience

Tech giants, scale-ups and start-ups

15 years global team leadership experience

Sales and Customer Success roles

3 years as a consultant

•Contribute to higher business valuations and increasing Net Revenue Retention

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Value of Working with Me....


Increased Net Revenue Retention a key stat for investors & growth
Reduced time to value for  customers - less churn
Greater Customer advocacy to drive new sales
Actionable insights to drive new business and marketing efforts


People – developing a skilled customer success organisation - helps retain staff

Governance and rigour in customer engagement - more repeatability

Data to guide better decision making for Product roadmap and sales

“Michelle joined us following our seed investment round. Within 6 months she had transformed the customer success organisation. She created structure and process which yielded fantastic results when it came to keeping customers but perhaps more importantly, getting them to buy more”

Andy Sadler,

Former CRO, Infinity


“Michelle impressed me greatly in her time with Narrowstep. Handling new, evolving and complex technologies for customers ranging from start-ups to major multinational telcos, she proved to be a clear communicator, an excellent team leader with good team building skills, and an organised day-to-day manager.”

Iolo Jones,

Former founder and CEO, Narrowstep 


•“Michelle is absolutely brilliant at being able to simultaneously improve the quality of customer experience whilst also ensuring that we have increased the revenue coming from those customers.”

Matt Mills,




“Michelle is bright, personable, and an excellent communicator, and I very much enjoyed working with her”

Mark Wachen,

Founder and CEO Optimost (Interwoven)


“Michelle and I worked together when Oracle was acquiring numerous SaaS businesses. It was a challenging time managing customers and team members through the transition, but Michelle managed it with skill and diplomacy.”

Angela Scott,

Former Snr Dir Oracle

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